Our  Twitter page is updated constantly, but it seems we've forgotten to post news to our LiveJournal Blog! Whoops!

We've created a handful of new custom mascots for local performers, and now, thanks to our new photo studio setup, we can finally photograph them! Be on the lookout for several new costumes coming to our gallery.

Rental costumes are sill on their way! The first available will be a white rabbit, though not quite in time for the Easter season. Our rental costumes will be available for prices in the range of $60-90 a day (plus security deposit). Once the first costume is done we will have pinpointed a price. If any of our customers or blog followers have any input on rental costumes they'd like to see available, let us know! We're very open to new ideas at this point.

Lastly, we now offer mascot cleaning services to local customers, and mascot repair services to anyone anywhere! We will make a note of this on our main website as soon as possible. Contact us at order@micromascots.com for more information on either.

As always, thanks for following! We look forward to your business!


A WIP photo

It's a little hard to tell, but somewhere under all that fur is a unicorn! Promise!

She'll have a rainbow mane and a golden horn when finished.

Current Projects

It's been a long time since we've updated this! A new lemur costume has been added to the gallery, and several new pieces will be coming soon. With new equipment coming in fast, our work will be even better! In addition, we've been working the MicroMascot costume grade, which is still in its prototype phase. Here's hoping that will be available for order soon.

Here are the current projects in our shop:
-a husky, the head is being carved while the rest is complete
-a white unicorn head
-a colorful tazzy tiger named Morphius, whose head is being furred
-a horse head, being carved
-Lil' Sapling the mouse, with an unconventional construction style
-Daniel, a college kid
-Meph Fatlop, a large rabbit (on hold)
-the rental costumes


Hey everyone! Sorry for the long time since posting last, but we're happy to tell you we've been finishing more costumes! A fox coon has been added to our gallery and a recently completed lemur will be coming soon. The progress chart will be updated soon, as well.

In other MM news, we will soon be constructing rental costumes. That's right! Now you can get all the effectiveness of a mascot without needing to commit to a full purchase. All the details haven't been worked out, but rentals may be as low as $60 a day. So far, the costumes we plan on renting out are:


We will have more information on that aspect of our company as it develops. For now, sit back and wait for those new gallery costumes!

Production Shedule for 2008

Here is the current production schedule for now until the end of the year. As you can see, we still have room for Late December/ Early January completion. If you're interested in ordering, email me at order@micromascots.com.

Early November
Finish Bobcat Head
Finish Darrell
Start Jake Choco
Finish Juno
Start Crysta's head
Finish Morphius head
Work on Meph Fatlop
Start Dinosaur sleeper

Late November
Finish Jake Choco
Continue work on Crysta's head
Continue work on Fatlop
Start Lil' Sapling
Start Arctic Fox
Finish Dinosaur sleeper

Early December
Finish Fatlop
Continue work on Lil' Sapling
Finish Crysta's head (depending on customer)
Start Atreyu

Late December

Finish Atreyu
Finish Lil' Sapling (depending on customer)


Hey, mascot fans! Welcome to the MicroMascots blog! I'm Jess, the founder of MM!

Our company is still being formed, so things are a bit slow right now. But trust me, they'll speed up! The company website is nearing completion, and will be viewable to the public soon. There you will find ordering info, our gallery, and a few other things. This blog is where you will find quick updates regarding new products, behind-the-scenes info, and some notes on costume progress. We also have a progress page at http://twitter.com/micromascots, so you can follow us over there, too. I update that page with my cell, so there's always new stuff.

On a last note, I'm looking to hire some employees in the future, so if any of you sew and live near Delaware, you may want to keep that in mind. :) Until next time, later!